Meditation Pusher™ Malas + Wrist Malas are handmade in Toronto by holistic wellness maven Alicia Mathlin. Each mala is made to order + follows a specific process to ensure the piece arrives to you infused with the highest positive energy.

The malas are made with matte black onyx crystals + tiny illuminating beads in between. The pieces are a modern + elegant interpretation of the traditional malas found in Eastern traditions. Onyx has been selected for its grounding + protective properties. It is the talisman of strength + self-mastery; taking negative energies + using them to build up physical + mental strength, persistence + endurance helping one to be a master of one’s own counsel. Yet, onyx provides the centering + alignment of one’s being + aids in the retention of energies rather than allowing them to dissipate, enabling one to build vitality, stamina + focus.

Onyx connects the body’s energy to the earth’s energy leaving you feeling calm, confident + centered.

The Meditation Pusher™ Malas and Wrist Malas are a powerful addition to your life, your journey + your practice.