The Meditation Pusher™ Protection Malas are handmade in Toronto by holistic wellness maven Alicia Mathlin. Each mala is made to order and follows a specific process to ensure the piece arrives to you infused with the highest energy.

Our malas are made with matte onyx crystals + tiny illuminating beads to reflect the light around you + remind you of the light within. Onyx has been selected for its grounding + protective properties; it connects the body’s energy to the earth’s energy leaving you feeling calm, confident + centered. Our pieces are a modern + elegant interpretation of the traditional malas found in Eastern traditions.

Meditation Pusher™ is inspired by the Japa style of meditation. Japa refers to the repetition of a mantra over + over again, to help the mind enter a meditative state. We use the mala as a tool to match breath to bead to meaning.  It is a powerful technique for focusing the mind, improving discipline + cultivating self-mastery.