you should


...seriously, that's the simplest version of my entire philosophy. 

The longer version:

Meditation is for everyone. Meditation is for you.

Meditation is an ancient {and extremely effective} remedy for the anxiety, demands and challenges of our modern times. Yes it can help you manage stress, improve your overall wellness, increase your longevity etc... but it can also help you access your own peace, activate your own power and unlock your full potential.

A meditation practice can make you the most powerful person in your life.

Meditation is not just for people who do yoga and meditate; meditation is for anyone that wants to feel better, think better, love better and live better.

Meditation Pusherâ„¢ is meditation for all of us.

- Alicia.

please note: the malas {and wrist malas} available for sale on this site are handmade pieces designed to support you every day, help you cultivate mindfulness and remind you of everything that is possible for you and your life, but remember - wearing the piece is not a substitute for having an actual meditation practice.  none of that bypassing stuff. keep it real.