The Meditation Pusher™ Protection Mala has been worn by rebels, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, CEOs, moguls, moms, dads + many other people with a desire to change the world.

The Meditation Pusher™ Protection Mala is an elegant, brilliant + deeply personal reminder that you are the most powerful person in your life. Worn close to your heart, the protection mala has 108 matte onyx beads + 110 tiny light reflective black beads to naturally illuminate the piece + you. In place of the guru bead, our malas are finished with a gold disc to represent the energy we all hold within.

Each mala is handmade by Alicia Mathlin

how to use: 

  • find a quiet space

  • sit comfortably

  • hold mala in both hands

  • use the thumb of your dominant hand to move from one bead to the next

  • take a deep breath through the nose on each one

  • repeat for 5-20mins one or two times daily


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