Companies that offer meditation and mindfulness training at work see an increase in the focus, productivity, resilience and creativity of their teams. As a former international executive, I understand the needs of all stakeholders and the power of a team that operates in a peak performance state with ease and consistency. My workplace meditation and mindfulness services are for dynamic, high-pressure and results oriented environments or companies that are rethinking their employee culture. In a 15 minute call, we can determine how best to enrich your human capital in alignment with your company’s mission, vision and goals.

A brief overview of my services are below.




In the Meditation Pusher Workplace Workshops, you and your team will learn the fundamentals of meditation, how to meditate and how to ignite a personal practice. We explore meditation and mindfulness as a tool to manage stress/anxiety, increase focus, activate creativity and increase productivity at work.



In the Meditation Pusher Workplace Sessions, I hold a guided group meditation for you and your team to experience a restorative moment at work. Sessions are beneficial to your workplace during times of change, increased deadlines or as a maintenance program for morale and well being.



The Meditation Pusher Workplace Programs are designed for companies that understand the long term benefits of integrating meditation and mindfulness into the culture at work. We work with you to design custom solutions to meet your company’s needs and align with your mission. We tailor programming to address stated goals of growth and profitability.



Are you ready to elevate your workplace?

Drawing on my background in luxury interiors in London and Paris, I can design, procure and install a beautiful multi-sensory wellness space for quiet reflection, a mindful pause or scheduled meditation within the home of your company.


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